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Jul 12, 2024

About Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile game that falls under the genre of battle royale. Its main function is to provide players with an intense multiplayer gaming experience, where they compete against a large number of opponents in a virtual battlefield.PUBG Mobile stands out with its realistic graphics, intense battles, large multiplayer matches, and continuous updates, providing an engaging and immersive battle royale experience on mobile devices.


PUBG MOBILE will begin pushing out the update on 7/10 at 2:00 (UTC+0). Service will not be interrupted. To ensure a quick and smooth update, please be in a good network environment and make sure you have enough available storage on your device.

Update Rewards: BP ×3,000, AG ×100, Deep Sea Mystery Theme (3d) ×1, Version 3.3 Limited Music "DNA"

Key Updates

New Themed Mode - Ocean Odyssey: The enigmatic Ocean Palace, treasure-filled Forsaken Ruins, and powerful weapons await. Welcome to Ocean Odyssey!

New Firearm - DSR Sniper Rifle: A dual magazine bolt-action sniper rifle with high accuracy and damage. Rule the battleground with it!

Major Metro Royale Updates: Zombie Uprising mode, changing time-of-day mechanic, and zombie bosses! Acquire new special traits to enhance your weapons. Fight PvE enemies for amazing rewards!

New World of Wonder Gameplay: Check out the newly added tower defense gameplay. Upgrade defense towers to fend off enemies! Experience World of Wonder creations like never before with the new World of Wonder Play Missions!

New Home Gameplay: Added a Party feature. Invite your friends to come party with you!

Cycle 7 Season 19 is coming soon! New season, new content, and new rewards await your discovery!

New Themed Mode: Ocean Odyssey

Available: 2024/7/10 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2024/9/9 at 20:59 (UTC+0)

Supported Maps: Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok (Ranked and Unranked)

New Map Areas

Ocean Palace:


Situated underwater beneath a huge statue, the Ocean Palace is filled with supplies and treasures. A powerful trident awaits at the center of the palace. Retrieve it after the countdown ends.

Parachute directly to the ocean surface at the start of a match to get to the Ocean Palace as quickly as possible. You'll quickly submerge upon entering the water, allowing you to reach the Ocean Palace.

The Sea Suppressor's barrier surrounds the area, creating an air pocket within which players can move around freely. The Kraken will destroy the Sea Suppressor after some time to flood the Ocean Palace. Evacuate as soon as possible using a Portal or upflow currents when this happens.

There are lost crates hidden in the waters around the Ocean Palace. Dive in and explore to find surprises.

Respawn Rules

Gain the protection of the Heart of the Sea a certain period of time after entering the Ocean Palace in the form of a special respawn. You will quickly respawn after getting eliminated in the area. You only get one special respawn per match.

You will lose the special respawn if you leave the Ocean Palace area.

Ocean Palace Crates may contain Respawn Cards. As long as the card is still valid when used, it will return you to the battleground regardless of where you were eliminated. You can still be recalled by your teammates via the Recall Tower after you've used a Respawn Card.

Forsaken Ruins:

There are two Ocean Temples situated within the Forsaken Ruins. Enter them by finding switches to remove the water veils sealing their entryways.

Located beneath the Forsaken Ruins is the Sea Treasury. Light all the pillars at its entrance to open it and obtain the treasure inside. After doing so, enter the Portal to be teleported up into the sky within the Playzone, from where you can jump to any location.

There are blasting currents and a Mirage Tower on the ground of the Forsaken Ruins. The blasting currents will carry you upwards, and the Mirage Tower helps you get around the area more easily.

A whale will leap through the sky in certain parts of the area. It will leave a water orb behind when it lands. Enter it to ride the Whale Escape Pod.

Water Prism:

Water Prisms are found all over the map and are surrounded by a barrier. Approach it to break the barrier and enter it to open the crate inside.

New Themed Items

Trident: A special melee weapon sealed within the Ocean Palace that becomes available after a certain period of time. Obtain the Trident by going to the location marked on the mini-map.

Wielding the Trident grants the following:

A unique swimming animation.

The ability to transform into a Waterspout that sucks in nearby players. Players that come into contact with a Waterspout are sent flying.

A faster underwater swimming speed.

Water Orb Grenade: A new throwable that can be picked up. Has the following effects:

When thrown, it will form a huge water orb at the point of impact. Players caught in the blast are engulfed, and must swim to the edge to escape.

Enemies inside the water orb have reduced speed, while you and your teammates can dash inside it.

Water Orb Blaster: A new themed item. Shoot a water orb that lasts a while anywhere. You can pull yourself into it to move quickly. Afterwards, you can transfer to another water orb to move in quick succession.

Whale Escape Pod: A new themed relocation item. Has the following abilities:

It can bring up to 1 entire team to the Playzone.

Release a water orb first, then enter the water orb to summon the whale. It will carry all players within the water orb.

You can switch routes or disembark at any time while being taken to the Playzone.

Celestial Sea Treasure: Replaces some air drops. The special Celestial Sea Treasure air drop crate descends from a water column and contains loads of supplies.

New Themed Vehicle

Gleaming Stingray: Two-seater vehicle with the following abilities:

It can travel through the new underwater areas and fly in midair. Passengers can fire from it while in flight, but not when it is underwater.

It can be stored from afar as a Stingray Core, which can be used from the quick item menu to summon the stingray. Players can mount it directly when in the water.

The driver can make it fire bubbles that trap enemies on hit for a certain duration.

Themed Challenge: Trial of Fury

Available to players ranked Diamond tier and above. Win 7 consecutive matches in Ocean Odyssey to get the Heart of the Sea. Players who obtain the Heart of the Sea can activate the Trial of Fury in the next Ranked TPP squad match in Ocean Odyssey - Erangel.

All players in the match will be notified that the trial has begun.

Firearms & Firearm Updates

New Weapon: DSR Sniper Rifle

A highly precise bolt-action sniper rifle with dual magazines that deals considerable damage. It can be equipped with scopes, sniper rifle muzzles, sniper rifle magazines, and cheek pads.

Available on all maps.

Can only be obtained from Supply Shops and the Mobile Shop.

Vehicle Controls Improvement: You can now swipe the "Change Seat" button in the direction of an empty seat to directly move to it.

Perspective Switching Improvements:

The transition to aiming down sights is smoother now.

Switching from 3rd to 1st person perspective is much smoother now.

Updated the exclusive Inspect Pan Emote.

Metro Royale Updates

Available: 2024/7/12 at 1:00 (UTC+0)

Matchmaking: 2024/7/12 at 2:00 (UTC+0)

New Mode: Zombie Uprising

Major Metro Royale update! Zombie Uprising is here!

Experience zombie battles and the new time-of-day changes.

New weapons: M134 & Flamethrower

New items: Stealth Serum & Lure Grenade

Special nighttime events

Gear up and try it out!

Metro Royale System Updates

New bonus special trait and special trait modification system:

Only Fabled equipment can have bonus special traits. These traits greatly increase damage against Bandits and PvE enemies.

Use the workstation to forge or modify bonus special traits on Fabled equipment.

Forging or modifying Fabled equipment requires Schematics, which can be found in Zombie Uprising mode.

Added faction variants of the DBS and S12K. Increased faction weapon (including the Cobras and Steel Front weapons) damage multiplier from 15% to 25%.

Room Card Support: Matches can now be organized with the Room feature from the Metro Royale lobby. Play with your friends!

Team-Up Improvements:

Teammates won't be able to change their loadout settings once they've readied up.

When the team leader's loadout value is too low, the game will ask to confirm again. If all team members confirm to proceed, then the match can be started as usual, otherwise everyone returns to the team-up lobby.

Regular Season Updates:

Added Spirit Pearl Crates to the Misty Port and Arctic Base maps.

Updated with new collectibles.

Updated with new season rewards.

System Updates:

Added the Metro Royale subtab to the Unranked tab in Mode Selection. Players can access Metro Royale directly from here.

When you enter Metro Royale for the first time, only the Frontline Confrontation and Old Blockade Zone maps will be downloaded by default. Misty Port and Arctic Base can be downloaded manually.

Loss Replays and Highlights can now be viewed from the Results screen.

World of Wonder Updates

New World of Wonder Creation Center: Provides Creators with data and growth objectives.

Improved Creator Levels and added a related mission system. Existing levels will be reset and experience re-calculated.

Added Creation Missions to motivate Creators and help them grow.

Showcases World of Wonder creation events.

Added a Redemption Center where Creators can exchange Creation Tokens for rewards.

Provides video guides and challenge stages.

Added the Creation Promotion Card, an item obtained from Creation Missions or redeemed in the Creation Shop.

Added Creation Collections. Share fun creations with your friends!

New Play Levels and Play Missions. Complete World of Wonder Play Missions to raise your Play Level for rewards.

World of Wonder Creation Tabs and Featured

Added a Rankings tab.

Improved My Tabs and displayed content.

World of Wonder System Updates

Improved creation sharing to allow customized sharing text.

A World of Wonder creation's Acclaim is now shown in the creation details and on the Creator page.

Improved the World of Wonder chat channel mechanics. You now need to have played World of Wonder before you can speak.

Added Creator information and map details to the loading page.

Gameplay Device Improvements

The Environment Control Device has new overcast and underwater weather.

Defensive Tower Device:

Added the Missile Launcher Defense Tower. This defense tower fires missiles that deal substantial area damage, but has a low rate of fire.

Added the ability to upgrade defense towers during matches.

Stingray Vehicle: A vehicle that can be used underwater.

AI Waypoint Device: Other waypoints can now be used as part of an AI movement route.

PvE Enemy Spawn Device: Added Waypoint Movement Only. Enemies will only move between waypoints and won't attack.

Added the Water Orb Blaster to the Item Issuance Device, Item Spawn Device, and Custom Shop Device.

New Map Templates

Ocean Palace: A new empty Erangel map template based on the themed mode.

Underwater World: Includes various water entities and underwater decorations.

New Interactive Objects

Water Cube: Resizable cubes of water that players can swim in.

Some interactized objects will roll when thrown.

Improved Interactions

The Backpack now displays object names, and supports fuzzy search.

You can now delete, move, and copy multiple objects at once.

Added Undo/Restore functions. You can now restore or undo objects and grouped objects that have been deleted, moved, interactized, and more.

Building parts now support graffiti.

Challenges now support use of the gyroscope.

New perspective switching, plane editing, and support for tap operations in Free Editing Mode.

Moving Object Preview: You can now preview the movement trajectory of moving objects.

Improved Group Editing and added voice chat to Home so players can communicate more easily when editing together.

Home Updates

Home Party

Available: Releases with the new version

Party Feature:

Changed the "Featured" tab to "Party" in order to feature Homes currently hosting Parties.

Purchase party buildings to be able to start your very own party.

There are two types of party buildings: Seaside Music Stage and Seaside Lavish Music Park. The Seaside Music Stage can be redeemed with Home Coins, and you can throw a music party for free twice a week. The Seaside Lavish Music Park can be redeemed with Elite Home Coins. It includes exclusive party weather and allows you to throw a lavish music party for free twice a week.

Parties have exclusive background music and interactive objects (including microphone, DJ stage, dance area, etc.). Parties with the Seaside Lavish Music Park will feature exclusive weather and stage flame effects.

All players attending a party can receive free Space Gifts (only usable at the current party). Attending a lavish music party grants more Space Gifts.

Gain Intensity whenever a player joins the party, leads a dance, joins a dance, interacts with the DJ stage and microphone, or gives Home Space Gifts. When Intensity reaches the required level, there will be a server-wide fireworks display, and server-wide Home Party Packs containing Crate Coupon Scraps, Home Coins, and Elite Home Coins will be sent. All players in the Home can claim these for free. (Up to 10 times per day.)

Get an Intensity bonus during the first minute of reaching the required Intensity and when wearing an exclusive music party outfit.

Party Gameplay:

After the party starts, you can lead a dance on the dance stage using an officially recommended dance, or choreographing your own dance with Emotes in your possession. Other players in the Home can then join the group dance.

Interact with party items such as the DJ station, microphones, barstools, stereos, and more after the party begins to trigger exclusive interaction Emotes and party music.

Home Competition

Welcome to the Home Competition! Let your creative juices flow and create your dream Home!

Submission Period: 2024/7/10 at 00:00—2024/7/28 at 8:59 (UTC+0)

Selection Period: 2024/7/28 at 9:00—2024/8/24 at 9:00 (UTC+0)

You must reach at least 200 Home Prosperity before you can register for the Home Competition.

If you miss the submission period, you can still register during the selection period. After registering, you will be placed in the next round's matchmaking pool.

After registering, the selection criteria will be based on the current look of the your Home.

During the selection period, you'll be matched with players of similar Home Prosperity at random every 3 days, for 10 rounds in total.

During the face-off, the player that obtains more votes wins. The winner gets to loot points from the loser.

Participate in Home Face-Offs to win Home Points and increase your Home Face-Off Level. The higher the Home Face-Off Level, the better the rewards.

Home Votes can be obtained by completing missions and by sending Home gifts. Note: Regular Popularity gifts do not grant Home Votes.

Home gifts received during each face-off round of the selection period will count towards Home Votes. Home gifts received outside a face-off round will not count towards the number of votes.

Home Event: Aegean Bay Cove Debut Celebration

Event Period: 2024/7/13 at 00:00—2024/7/28 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

The Event Center is launching an event to celebrate Aegean Bay Cove's arrival. Get an Aegean Bay Cove Object Pack once you've reached Home Lv. 4, and use it to build an Aegean Bay Cove Style Home in an instant!

Visit your Home and upgrade your Home Level to get additional rewards, including Home Coins, Classic Crate Coupons, AG, Aegean Bay Cove themed items, and more.

Purchase Aegean Bay Cove Home items during the event to get Style Points that can be redeemed for amazing rewards.

New Home Gameplay

Home Tree:

Each tree now has its own Growth Level.

Visit other players' Homes to water or fertilize their Home Trees.

Both watering and fertilizing increases Growth Level, and may trigger surprise drops.

Home Trees yield more Home Coins as their level increases.

Accumulate mutual assists to get a Noble Badge, which will be shown on a Home Tree's assistance log.

Ludo: (Keep an eye out for relevant in-game announcements for when it officially becomes available.)

Spend Home Coins to get a Ludo Table. Play Ludo after placing it in your Home.

Ludo supports 2–4 players. Invite friends to play!

Complete Ludo missions or make the ranking to get amazing rewards.

Home Resource & Content Updates

A new Butler is now available! The bright and beautiful Lucy has arrived! Use Elite Home Coins to get her right away. Increase Favorability with her to get up to 3 different looks.

Added a Duo Dance emote. Tap on a player in Home and then tap the "Interact" button to perform a Home-exclusive Duo Dance.

Added Home Missions, which can be found via the Mission System or from the mission page in the Home.

New Home Music:

Added an exclusive Aegean Bay Cove music track "Seaside Holiday".

Added harp performance music "Canon" and "Vltava River".

Added "Birthday Song" sheet music for all instruments. Join the Home Competition to get it for free.

The Home Lucky Spin now has a high-quality reward guarantee system. You will not receive repeat Mythic or Legendary items until you have obtained them all.

Added new Aegean Bay Cove Style items.

Home Shop object sets now display Style Points and Prosperity.

Atmosphere modules now increase Prosperity. This applies to the following atmosphere modules from previous versions as well: Windmill Meadow, Orange Meadow, and Leisure Camp.

Home Messenger Updates:

You can now purchase messengers directly from the Release interface.

Messengers can increase Prosperity.

Messengers will bring back a random reward upon return.

Added special effects to indicate when a messenger has come to visit and when a messenger has returned with a reward.

You can now generate an exclusive QR code to share your Home on other social media.

Added the ability to distribute Home Packs. Purchase Packs of various levels and place them in the Home. Different level Packs contain different rewards with varying odds. After a Pack is placed, players inside the Home can approach and claim them.

Added Home Packs and custom Home Party invitations. Players can customize these items from Home.

You can now select multiple objects at once in the blueprint editor, and group them together for moving and copying. This feature supports copying across blueprints.

New Interactive Objects: Hoverboard, Deck Chair, Ancient Capital Seat, Harp, Two-Seater Swing.

Added the Home Creator Level system. Your Creator Level will increase as other players download your blueprints. Get an exclusive high-quality title and a Creator Statue when you reach a certain Creator Level.

You can now access Home via a button next to your avatar, which will also display the collection status of your Home Tree. Tap to view a list of featured Homes and enter your own Home.

Classic Map Updates

Available: Releases with the new version

Erangel Updates

Stalber now has a domed observatory.

Improved the Ruins' layout, resource availability, and search routes.

Improved Mylta's layout for supplies to be collected more efficiently.

Special buildings called Intel Rooms can now be found at various locations on the map. Pick up a Secret Room Key and open the Intel Room to obtain the abundant supplies inside.

The Supply Warehouse will no longer be available in Erangel.

Miramar Update

Updated the models of mountain rocks and boulders to fix the bug where they incorrectly changed shape.

Payload Mode Updates

New Vehicles:

Fighter Jet: A flexible two-seater fixed wing aircraft that comes with an autocannon and missile launcher. Its missiles can lock onto enemy vehicles, and the autocannon is effective in close-range combat. When targeted by guided weapons, it can fire a decoy flare to get away.

A modified mecha that can seat 4 players, has an enhanced jumping ability, and fires regular or guided missiles. Missiles can be used to bombard designated areas and marks enemies that are hit. Its guided missiles can lock onto fast moving enemy vehicles.

Vehicle Hit Feedback: Hit and destruction feedback will be displayed near the crosshair when attacking enemy vehicles with an explosive weapon.

System Improvements

Added the Quick Parachute feature to Classic Mode and Payload Mode. When parachuting, a quick parachute button will appear at a certain height in the air. Tap it to immediately deploy the parachute which can also be freely put away.

Improved the "Customize Buttons" settings: When a button is completely off-screen, a reminder will pop up on the customization screen, allowing players to reposition each off-screen button individually.

Improved the recording conditions of "Clutch Maestro" clips in Highlights so that successful counterattacks in "1 v many" situations are more easily detected.

There is now an animated effect when there are new arrivals in the Shop. When purchasing a time-limited item, you will be able to see where to purchase it permanently.

New Version 3.3 collectible: Sea Suppressor Pearl

Upgraded the new themed mode info panel on the Mode Selection interface to provide more detailed, clear descriptions.

Improved matchmaking: When you and your friends are on different servers, a leader will be recommended based on network delay.

Added the Memory Vault system, which can be accessed from the Social Lobby next to Collectibles. Upload photos from the current version into the Memory Vault.

Improved music system: Victory Dances now come with a corresponding music track that can be viewed in the new Dynamic Beat tab.

Fun Item Improvements:

You can now use some fun items on your teammates.

Added the new Bubble Trap fun item. Use it to capture other players in the Lobby in a floating water bubble.

The friend request pop-up window will display the requester's title.

Improved Lucky Teammates recommendations and added online reminders.

Added Clan Battle signup reminders.

Added World of Wonder Creation preference tags.

Players who are Lv. 30 or above can now publish up to 400 posts in Moments.

Urdu is now available.

New Season: Cycle 7 Season 19

Event Period: 2024/7/16 at 2:00—2024/9/13 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

New Legendary rewards: C7S19 Glasses, C7S19 Set, C7S19 Cover, C7S19 Mask, C7S19 - QBU.

Season Token Event Shop Update: C7S19 Parachute.

New Cycle rewards are now available. Collect the Diamond/Crown/Ace Badges in the same Cycle to get high-quality supplies for free. Updated rewards: Cycle 7 Cover, Cycle 7 Set, Cycle 7 Hoverboard.

All-Talent Championship S20

Available: 2024/7/15—2024/8/29 (UTC+0)

New rewards in the Event Shop: Style Pioneer Set, Speedwolf Cover, Speedwolf Set, Dynamic Rhythm - DBS

New All-Talent Championship S20 Crate rewards: Joyful Rhythm - S1897, Wheel of Time Parachute, Rose Princess - R1895

New first and second runner-up rewards: Icy Bliss Set, Icy Bliss Cover, Gold Sheriff - VSS, Glorious Sunset Parachute, Extreme Skydiver Set

Popularity Gift Events

Popularity Battle Event

Registration Time: 2024/7/12 at 00:00–2024/7/20 at 8:59 (UTC+0)

Battle Period: 2024/7/20 at 9:00–2024/8/19 at 9:00 (UTC+0)

Main Content:

Added a new Popularity Gift sending requirement for low-level and newly registered accounts.

Updated Dynamic Title ranking rewards.

Improved the dynamic quality effect of the Popularity Battle's Lv. 9 Reward background image.

Adjusted Popularity Battle levels and added a Chat Room Background reward.


Register to participate in the Popularity Battle event. During the battle period, get randomly matched with a powerful opponent every 3 days for a popularity contest. Lasts 10 rounds in total.

During the battle period, the Popularity of both competitors will be compared. The one with the highest Popularity wins.

The winner can loot Battle Points from the loser.

Participate in Popularity Battles to win Battle Points and increase Battle Level. The higher the Battle Level, the rarer the rewards obtained.

Team Popularity Battle Event

Registration Time: 2024/8/17 at 00:00–2024/8/22 at 8:59 (UTC+0)

Battle Period: 2024/8/23 at 9:00–2024/9/8 at 9:30 (UTC+0)

Main Content:

Adjusted Popularity Battle levels and added a Chat Room Background reward.


Matchmaking: There will be a total of 8 rounds. Teams of similar strength will be matched every 2 days. Players within each team will be ranked by Popularity through 1v1 Popularity Battles.

Battle: Both players will compete to see who can gain the most Popularity during this phase.

The total score will be determined by the win-loss record of each player on the team. In the event of a tie (2:2), the total Popularity of both teams will be compared.

The team with the higher total score will be declared the winner, and can loot Battle Points from the defeated team.

If all players within a team have the same score, they can jointly claim the level rewards and ranking rewards.

Teams that have registered can have their team leader create an exclusive Nickname Badge for the team, which serves as a symbol of the close bond between team members and gift recipients.

Nickname Badges support custom text and are unique.

Players can obtain a Nickname Badge by registering a team or by completing gift missions.

QR Code Login:

The QR code login feature is now available for those logging in via Apple, Google, and the Game Center.

QR codes are now valid for 1 hour, and the cooldown for getting another code has been shortened from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

Improved the QR code login tutorial and added a guide to the Customer Service page.

A device can retain up to 10 authorized logins. You can get authorized by multiple accounts and switch freely between them.

Account Security:

Added Account Security Settings, accessed by going to Settings - Account. Manage trusted devices, remove linked accounts, check account security activity, and more.

Added account login environment monitoring features. When suspicious login activity is detected, the account may be restricted or unlinked. You can lift this restriction by authorizing the login via a trusted device.

Improved suspicious login security alerts. When there is suspicious login activity, you will receive an alert in the Lobby. Simply follow the prompts in the pop-up window to resolve the issue and prevent your account from being stolen.

Security Strategy:

Security Review System Upgrade - Improved cheat detection for X-Ray vision, auto aim, auto-tracking shots, no recoil, speed hacks, modified resource files, and more.

Improved violation detection for unfair cooperation and teaming up with cheaters.

Improved the in-game detection and countermeasures against account farming, prohibited transactions, escorting, botting and other violations to better regulate in-game behavior and improve players' gaming experience.

Improved detection and penalties for inappropriate text, voice messages, avatars, and Home designs to better regulate in-game behavior.


Realistic Graphics: PUBG Mobile offers high-quality graphics, providing a more immersive gaming experience with detailed environments, realistic weapons, and lifelike animations.

Multiplayer Gameplay: The game allows up to 100 players to participate in a single match, where they fight against each other to be the last person or team standing. It offers various modes, including solo, duo, and squad gameplay.

Huge Map: PUBG Mobile features a large open-world map with diverse terrains, buildings, and environments, providing players with multiple strategies and options for gameplay.

Weapons and Gear: The game offers a wide variety of weapons, armor, and equipment that players can find and use throughout the match. This adds depth and customization to the gameplay.


Intense Battles: PUBG Mobile is known for its intense and adrenaline-pumping battles, where players must strategize, utilize their surroundings, and showcase their shooting skills to survive and become the victor.

Real-Time Communication: The game features a built-in voice chat system, allowing players to communicate with their teammates in real-time, promoting teamwork and coordination.

Regular Updates: The game developers regularly release updates, adding new features, maps, weapons, and gameplay modes to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.


Mobile Flexibility: PUBG Mobile allows players to enjoy the game on their mobile devices, providing convenience and accessibility to play anytime and anywhere.

Free-to-Play: The game is free to download and play, offering a high-quality gaming experience without any upfront cost.

Multi-Platform Support: PUBG Mobile supports cross-platform play, enabling players from different platforms (Android and iOS) to compete against each other, expanding the player base and enhancing the matchmaking experience.

Competitive Esports Scene: PUBG Mobile has a competitive esports scene, offering opportunities for skilled players to compete in tournaments and potentially earn money and recognition.


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