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Jul 12, 2024

About Busuu Premium

Busuu Premium is the paid version of the language learning platform Busuu. It offers a variety of features and advantages for language learners looking to improve their skills more quickly and efficiently.Busuu Premium is a valuable resource for language learners looking to take their skills to the next level and make faster progress in their language learning journey. 

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Premium Unlocked


Busuu Premium provides access to a range of advanced language learning tools and resources, including interactive exercises, grammar lessons, vocabulary training, and personalized study plans.

Users can also receive feedback from native speakers on their writing exercises and participate in live tutoring sessions.


Busuu Premium include access to grammar exercises, vocabulary lists, and quizzes for each lesson, as well as the ability to download lessons for offline study.

Premium users can also track their progress, set goals, and receive a daily study plan tailored to their individual needs and preferences.


Busuu Premium is the opportunity to practice speaking with native speakers through the platform's "Conversations" feature. This allows users to record themselves speaking in their target language and receive feedback from native speakers.

Premium users also have access to more advanced lessons and content than free users.


The main advantage of Busuu Premium is the ability to accelerate language learning progress through access to more personalized and advanced learning resources.

Premium users can benefit from additional feedback, tutoring, and interactive exercises that can help them improve their speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills more effectively.

Additional advantages include access to offline learning materials and the ability to track progress and set goals within the platform.


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